What is Harmonic Mixing?

Harmonic mixing is a technique of mixing that has gained a lot of attention over the last years.
The idea is that playing two songs which are in the same or in related keys will sound great together and make it possible to make long transitions or combining two different melodys.

Every song has a certain key, a group of pitches, that it is made of. To every key belong serveral scales, some times a song can change its key but within electronic dance music this is rather uncommon.

There are different types of notation to make it easier to understand the principles without having to bother about music theory and the scale of fifths.
Tagtraum Industries invented the so called Open Key Notation. Every Key is represented as a Number from one to twelve combined with Minor (M) and its corresponding Major (D)

Finding Matches

there are several possibilitys to chose from:

  • playing another song in the same key should always sound good since the scales are identically.
  • going up one key (e.g. from 5M to 6M or 12D to 1D) results in an increase of energy in your mix.
  • going down by one key will make it sound more deep.
  • increasing the key by two will give your mix a major boost of energy and tension.
  • it is also possible to change from a minor to a major (e.g. 6M to 6D)

How Crate One Can Help You

The goal of Crate.One is to make it easier for you to find songs for your next DJ set.
To get started simply enter one song and start listening to Songs you could use in your mix with the Spotify integration (no premium account needed). Crate.One will provide you with a list of songs that are all from the same genre as the song you entered and are compatible with its key. If you cannot find any good songs simpley reload the page.